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Tallahassee Tamil Sangam's beginning can be traced to 2000 when Dr. Muthuswamy & Mrs. Karpagam and Bhanu & I began organizing Tamil cultural programs that brought together Tamil (Tamizh) families (from India, Malaysia, Singapore and Srilanka) that lived in and around Tallahassee for an evening of activities and exchanges. The activities were scheduled around Tamil New Year's Day (middle of April) and sow the seeds for the Tallahassee Tamil Sangam. During that time Drs Swamy floated the idea of starting a formal Tamil sangam and as per his suggestion his family and Bhanu and I started to think about organizing cultural activities.

Tamil Lessons

I started to put Tamil Lessons beginning in 2012. I intend to add more lessons when time permits. I encourage anyone who wants to teach Tamil to any Tamil loving people to use my lessons. As a courtesy, please let me know, via e-mail that you are using my lessons and give credit for my work and time.

Tamil Lesson Practice

I have added some Tamil Lesson Exercises or Practices in 2014. Only the .pdf version is uploaded in the website. But to get the real benefit of the exercise you need the PowerPoint version. So if you intend to use the exercises, e-mail me to get the PowerPoint version.

Tamil Language Help

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